The LEDKeepies are here to stay

LEDKeepies are my personal variation on the LEDThrowies by the Graffiti Research Lab.

A 10 mm LEDKeepie


The LEDKeepies came out as LEDThrowies adapted for a non-conventional wedding. In Spain we use to give little symbolic presents to the wedding attendants. When my non-conventional friends decided to marry, there appear proposals to do it in the least conventional way possible. The main feature of these adapted LEDThrowies was that they where, in principle, not going to be thrown away but kept at home, another feature was that they should be able to be turned off and to be battery replaceable.

LEDKeepies 10 mm

The guest were impressed as they had never seen such thing, 5 min later all kind of games where played by little children and big children.



Several months later, while performing Animaris Modularius at Máquinas & Almas (MNCARS), we decided to make a present for Theo as a means of showing our gratefulness. I came out with the idea of attaching some LEDKeepies to the joints of one of the last legs of Animaris Modularius and picture the motion with very low light conditions and long exposure times. We were not allowed to do it unless we had previously asked permission to Theo, so the present could never be a surprise. I did so and Theo liked the idea very much! The pictures were taken by Igor González.






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