In the way from Linz to Benešov

The first sweet adventure was meeting my friends living in Linz, but after I had finished the levelHead setup I took a morning train direct to Benešov, a town near Praha. Other friends of mine live there, I didn’t remember when it was the last time I met Petra… time to see each other, this was the second adventure.



When I stepped out the train at Benešov station I was the only one that so did, the floor was white of ice as it was freezing cold, I was not in Austria anymore so my cell phone didn’t work and I had no Czech money… Petra was not there! at that point I just hopped that I hadn’t mistaken the place and that Petra would soon come to pick me up.


I hadn’t been in the Czech Republic since the early nineties, one of my first impressions this time was that it still looks quite socialist. One surprise! the old socialist “beton palen” were still there, and my old obsession with them was alive as well.








The last day Petra brought me to Praha and we paid a little visit to this amazing but very touristic city. It was certainly getting very cold.






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