Setting up the beasts and meeting the staff

During the following four days, we spend mainly all our time in setting up the beasts. There were many more fossils than in Madrid plus the two alive ones we had in Madrid: Animaris Ordis and Animaris Modularius. One of the coziest parts of the exhibition was an intimate reproduction of Theo’s Delft old studio.



The firsts days while working in the tent it was really cold and it was amazing how the staff were using warming patches. These warming patches were a kind of sticker that once opened and sticked on one of your inner layers of cloth it would make you warm.


Once the beasts were almost finished we were introduced to the staff that would be informing the visitors about Theo’s work for the coming months. They were quite curious about many details as well as fascinated, it was an anticipation of the reactions we were about to observe.


The staff were supplied with a production limited fleece which had Theo’s name stamped on it, this was a signal of how a big event this was going to be.


Explaining and understanding the working details of Animaris Sabulosa is not at all so easy…



Theo spend some time explaining the working details and evolution ideas behind each and every one of the fossil beasts.




Finally some time for autographs…




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2 Responses to “Setting up the beasts and meeting the staff”

  1. Rodrigo Says:

    Ah colló…pablo està al japó!

    Parece que va en serio la cosa, eh?

    Qué pasada!…voy a seguir mirando las fotos….un abrazo!

    (molan los condensadores a granel)

  2. pabloripolles Says:


    Una pasada! ya os contaré…

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