I’m not a good tourist!

Yes, I have to admit I’m a horrible tourist. I arrived in Kyoto a bit late in the evening, it was cold and rainy… finally I found a place to stay. Next morning I was about to discover the marvels of this historic beautiful city. I really didn’t have a checklist but there was obviously one floating around. In the meantime I had to eat something so after a bit of walking I discover this wonderful restaurant.





That night I received an email from a Japanese friend who offer to show me personally the way to Kamakura. I have to say that Kamakura is also a historic beautiful city in the neighborhood of Tokyo but not as relevant as Kyoto. Well, I couldn’t resist. I immediately change my plans… The next morning I would take the Shinkansen back to Tokyo. Some of my thinkings: the buildings will be here many years to come, the people not; besides, years after my visit I’ll remember any human relation better than any beautiful building. The following are the pictures I took in the way to Kyoto train station.





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    ya veo

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