Daito’s and Kanta’s workplace

In the evening of Sunday 25th, I went to Shinjuku where I had an appointment with Hiroko, from there we would go to Daito‘s and Kanta‘s workplace where we would meet Alvaro. There is a funny story about how close we all where connected already before the real meeting. I met Alvaro last year at Medialab by the time of Interactivos08?, before coming to Japan my friend Marcos from Medialab introduced me Kanta by email as he had already done with Rie (who further introduced me Hiroko). Before coming to Japan I had already made an appointment with Kanta and Hiroko, and I would try to get invitations for them for The Opening. The same invitation went to Alvaro. At this initial point, these people were, from my point of view, completely unrelated. Hiroko couldn’t come, but Alvaro came as Kanta did but with a friend. What happened next was fantastic. Alvaro knew Kanta! and Kanta’s friend happened to be Daito, who I missed to meet in Linz (before the opening of the new AEC), my interest was because of this. They already knew each other! Next day I met Hiroko who did already knew them as well, amazing! What we did in their fantastic workplace was trying out the myoelectric sensor system on my skin. Later we had a wonderful meal!










The night view from within a Taxi in Tokyo…


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2 Responses to “Daito’s and Kanta’s workplace”

  1. En el taller de Daito Manabe at El teatro de Tina Says:

    […] Pablo pudo conocerle y estar en su estudio en Tokio. Nada más y nada menos. D. […]

  2. pablo ripolles Says:

    Hey David! aunque todavía no lo he publicado, estuvo muy bien nuestro encuentro en Manhattan…

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