人 representes the idea of human…

What is this all about? Well, my background is engineering and I terribly enjoy developing my creativity. I’ve always felt that the chemical reactions that took place in my head while doing “artistic” and “scientific” stuff were both very similar if not the same. Creativity should be the common factor.

There exists this feature in the notion of  interdisciplinarity which I’d like to emphasize and which is not present in the commonly used notion of multidisciplinarity. This feature implies an “integrative” mixture of knowledge or disciplines. When a team is assembled to develop some complex project due to the multiple involved disciplines, I believe the more interdisciplinar the team is, the easier the communication flows. Again, the more interdisciplinar the team is, the less a hierarchy might be justified.

Definitely I’d like to see more “artists” having scientific creative knowledge and more “scientists” lacking artistic creative prejudices. This is a more 人 and complete approach which is what I’m interested in.


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